City Streets – Snow Removal

We all know how challenging how winter driving can be. From snow to slush to ice, streets can be tricky to navigate during the winter. We have the means to sand our roads when needed to help minimize the sliding and help gain more traction. We try our hardest to keep all city roads plowed and sanded but we need the help from the community to ensure we do the best we can and get to all roads.

One way you can help is to please try to keep all vehicles off the streets when it snows We may call a snow emergency when it snows 3 inches. When declared, a snow emergency will require all vehicles to be off the road within an hour of the announced time the snow emergency takes effect. Even with only a small amount of snow, we would still appreciate the streets cleared of vehicles so we can more effectively clear the streets of snow. The city has a snow plowing policy that highlights other snow removal procedures. Click here to view the city's snow plowing policy.

Another way you can help is to notify the city if you see certain roads that could really benefit from being plowed or sanded again. You can call City Hall at 507.257.3218. The County has a different schedule for when their roads (Parkway Avenue, LeRay Avenue and Agency Street) are plowed and sanded/salted. Even though those roads are not maintained by the city, we will still take any calls regarding those roads and pass that information along to the correct people. But regardless of who owns what road, the best thing you could do in the winter is drive slow and allow for extra travel time.