Water Tower Rehab Project

(Anticipated Timeline: April 15, 2023 – July 10, 2023)

The purpose of the tower reconditioning project is to ensure safe drinking water to the residents and protection of the water tower steel structure from corrosion. Both the interior wet (tank interior) and the exterior will receive a complete removal and replacement of the protective coatings (interior dry will receive partial replacement and spot repair). The exterior will also receive a new color design and tower logo. There will also be minor modifications and updates to the tower.

03/10/23: Water Tower Rehab Project Update

5/10/23: Residents may notice water flowing from valves during the next 4-6 weeks. While the tower is empty, pressure relief valves are in place on hydrants to prevent over pressurizing the water mains. Some water will flowing from the valves during the next 4-6 weeks while work is occurring. We are unable to flush any mains during this time, but will complete a full flush once the work is complete.

Local Utility Company Begins Fiber Installation Work

May 2023

Consolidated Communications will be boring new fiber optic cable and replacing all existing pedestals throughout town. The new fiber to home service is known as “Fidium”.

This image shows the community color coded by pockets in which work will be taking place. Consolidated Communications is currently working in the LIGHT BLUE pocket. According to Consolidated Communications, fiber installation will next be built in the YELLOW and GREEN pockets.

The City of Eagle Lake has been advised that there will be minor excavation undertaken in order for Consolidated Communications to work around existing utilities and to replace their existing facilities in the easements. All work will take place inside the utility easement or right of way. Easements will either be located in the front or back yard. Residents should be able to tell where work will be taking place once the utility locates have been called in and flags placed. As construction moves ahead, flags will be removed. Residents should not remove the flags. Once a pocket is complete, all disturbed areas will be backfilled and leveled with new top soil and then seeded.

Residents with questions or concerns related to the project may wish to contact Nick with Consolidated Communications at 507-387-1858.

Status of CSAH 27 (Agency Street) Project: Closed Out

CSAH 27 (Agency Street): Blue Earth County in partnership with the City of Eagle Lake, is planning to reconstruct the roadway and the underlying city watermain and sanitary sewer primarily due to the failing condition of the City owned utilities. As part of the road construction project, sidewalk will be constructed on the west side of the road from Thomas Dr. to Parkway Ave. and on both the east and west sides of the street from Valley Lane to Le Ray Ave. The project is scheduled for construction in 2021 using a combination of County State Aid, Local and City of Eagle Lake and State Funds. For project updates, visit:

Complete Final Paving (Summer 2022)