Utility Bills and Rate Increases

We’ve fielded some questions at City Hall from utility customers asking why their utility bill increased. Included with this communication is an excerpt from the City of Eagle Lake Fall 2023 Newsletter explaining a utility rate increase scheduled for 2024. Following a utility rate analysis, the City Council approved a water, sewer, and storm water rate increase for 2024. The rate increases are due to inflation, operating costs, debt service, and necessary improvement projects. An unusually high water bill is most often caused by a leak or change in water use. The City of Eagle Lake contracts with LJP Waste Solutions for refuse and recycling collection. Pass-through rate increases from the hauler to the City are reflected in the 2024 rates. The 2024 fee schedule is posted on the City of Eagle Lake website. Effective 2024, refuse rates increased from $15.44 to $16.64 per month, while recycling increased from $4.82 to $5.13 per month. ¬†Utility customers are encouraged to contact City Hall at 257-3218 with any questions.