What are the City of Eagle Lake’s regular hours of operation?

7:30 a.m. – 4:30 p.m.

Where is City Hall located?

705 Parkway Avenue

What are the Spring Load Restrictions?

MNDot places the Spring Load Restrictions, we will update this once they have announced the start date for 2020.

Where do I go to get my Golf Cart or ATV registered?

Residents can click on this link to fill out a PERMIT APPLICATION. Once completed please take form to the Blue Earth County Justice Center to obtain the permit.

What are the regulations regarding Winter Parking?

When heavy snowfall events occur (typically 3 inches or more), be sure to listen and watch for radio, TV , email, and website announcements pertaining to emergency parking regulations that may be in effect. Once declared, a Snow Emergency is in effect until an announcement has been made that the Snow Emergency has been lifted.


A. Definitions. For the purpose of this section, the term “Emergency” shall mean any condition upon any public street, including the presence of snow, freezing rain, sleet, ice or other phenomenon, which condition creates or is likely to create any hazardous road condition or impedes or is likely to impede the free movement of traffic, when such conditions have been declared by the Public Works Director or in his absence, the on duty Maintenance Worker.

B. Declaration. Upon the existence of an emergency as defined herein, the Public Works Director or in his absence, the on-duty Maintenance Worker, declares that an emergency exists, whereupon such person shall notify the media (radio and TV) and request that such media cooperate with the City in giving notice to such emergency to the community. The emergency regulations set forth below shall become effective one (1) hour after such notice has been given by the City to such news media.

C. Unlawful Acts. During an emergency, it is unlawful for any person, as driver or operator of a vehicle, or as the registered owner of such vehicle, to park, stop or leave standing, or cause, allow, or permit to be parked, stopped or left standing, whether knowingly or unknowingly, any such vehicle upon any City street until the emergency has been lifted.

D. Towing. Upon the existence of an emergency as defined above, the City may tow vehicles in violation of this ordinance as authorized in Minnesota State Statute 169.041.

Does Eagle Lake have an Ice Rink?

The City of Eagle Lake has an outdoor ice rink at Lake Eagle Park. The rink is typically ready by the end of December and stays open through February, weather permitting. Using the rink before it is ready is unsafe, can cause damage, and further delays opening. There is no charge to use the rink. Rink hours and conditions are subject to change without notice. Please refer to the attached schedule. Interested in becoming a volunteer, contact City Hall. Even if you can’t become a volunteer, you can still help by shoveling snow when you visit the rink. Just be sure to avoid shoveling snow against the boards and around the edge of the rink. Thank you, and we hope that you can enjoy the rink this winter season!

How much does garbage and recycling cost?

Please contact City Hall for more information as rates are subject to change.

What day is garbage and recycling picked up?

Thursday; containers should be placed at the curb no later than 7:00 a.m. To learn more about what is recyclable and which holidays will affect your pick up click here.

What do I do if I have extra garbage?

Garbage bag tags can be purchased at the Eagle Express located at 401 Parkway Avenue in Eagle Lake. Contact number is 507-257-3230.

What is the Eagle Lake Post Office number?


Does the City have a drop box location?

Yes, the drop box is located on the east side of City Hall at 705 Parkway Avenue.

Does the City have autopay for Utility Billing?

Yes, you can enroll with our ACH Debit Authorization Form or register online with PSN (Payment Service Network). https://www.paymentservicenetwork.com/Login.aspx?acc=RT23799

Can the City take a credit/debit card payment in person or over the phone?

Yes, we are able to take one-time payments in person or over the phone for utility bill payments only.

Why did I get charged a late fee on my utility bill?

Payments are due by the 25th of the month. A late fee will be applied to any past due accounts.

Why does my first utility bill indicate a time period a month before I moved in?

The dates stated on your utility card are your water meter read dates. Your first bill will only have refuse, recycling and tax.

Why is my water bill so high?

Do you have faucets that are dripping or leaking? Does the toilet fail to shut off after flushing? Is your water softener cycling improperly? A billing period that may include outside summer watering? All these problems can increase your water consumption dramatically.

What is Eagle Lake's water hardness level?

Eagle Lake's water hardness level is 18.

If I have a dog, do I need a dog license?

Yes, all dogs must be licensed with the City. Please stop by City Hall to fill out the necessary paperwork. Be sure to bring along proof of rabies vaccination.

What are the steps I need for a building permit?

Whenever a building is constructed, or when a building is altered in a way regulated by the building code, a building permit is required before construction starts. You can download an application from the Building and Zoning Permits tab on our website or by picking one up from our City Hall Office. If you have any further questions, give us a call or stop by our office.

Why is the City plowing/pushing the snow onto my yard?

The Public Works Department may need to push snow onto the boulevard, which is the right of way.

What is the City's policy on snow removal?

Snowplow Removal Policy

Where do I take my grass clippings or branches?

The City of Eagle Lake does not have a compost site. Grass clippings, leaves, prunings, weeds, sod strippings, limbs, branches, logs and vines may be taken to the MN Paving & Material Compost Site. There is a per-bag or per-load fee for the service. For current fees please call SMC at 507-388-3122. The SMC Compost Site is located at 57032 231st Lane in Mankato (231st Lane is one mile north of Highway 14 and the Third Avenue intersection).


At Home:

Load yard waste into reusable containers (be sure open loads are secured and contained)

Keep yard waste separate from brush

Take plants out of pots

At the Compost Site:

Check in at the office

De-bag and unload your waste in the designated area

Unload brush at the designated area

Take containers and bags home

What utilities does the city of Eagle Lake provide? The city of Eagle lake offers - water, sewer, garbage, and recycling.

Utility Providers in Greater Mankato: https://greatermankato.com/utilities.

When is Tator Days?

Tator Days is usually the 3rd weekend in July. Tator Days is a community event organized by resident volunteers. Tator Days 2023 will be July 10-16 (https://eaglelakemn.com/tator-days-2022). If interested in volunteering please email or call and include your contact information to tatordays@hotmail.com or 507-327-6583.

Can I rent out the Council Chambers at City Hall?

Yes, you can rent out the Council Chambers for private meetings and parties (such as birthday/graduation party; home-based business parties; crafting gatherings; etc.)

Private Meetings: Residents fee: $25.00 per day; Non-resident fee: $50.00 per day

Private Parties: Residents fee: $100.00 per day; Non-residents fee: $150.00 per day

Why are the outdoor warning sirens sounding?

Sirens are meant to warn those who are outdoors. If you hear a siren, turn on a radio or TV to hear safety information and seek shelter immediately. The warning sirens that cover Eagle Lake are activated through the Blue Earth County Communications Center.

The outdoor warning sirens are designed to warn people outdoors to seek shelter and gather additional information through television or radio.

Note: Sometimes sirens may be set off without a National Weather Service (NWS) warning being issued. For example, if funnel clouds are sighted and sirens are requested by spotters, but the NWS did not issue the warning, radio and TV announcements may be delayed. Blue Earth County sets off the sirens for the entire county at one time. A funnel cloud sighted anywhere in the county will trigger the sirens.

Warning System Testing

To be prepared in the event of an emergency such as a tornado or severe thunderstorm, outdoor warning sirens are tested at 1 pm on the first Wednesday of each month.

During these monthly tests you will hear two siren sounds. These two different sirens warn you of possible threats to your community.

The first siren is for tornadoes and other severe weather. The second siren is for other types of emergencies.

Length of Warning Sound

Warning sirens do not sound for the duration of the threat, and instead will sound for 3 minutes. Sirens can be reactivated if a new threat enters the area following the initial warning.

Additional Uses

The outdoor sirens will also be used for other emergencies such as a hazardous chemical spill which requires residents to take protective actions. If the sirens are sounding for this type of emergency, the radio or TV announcements will inform you of what actions you should take.